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Jul 26

Pentecost 8- Morning Prayer

Aug 2

Pentecost 9- Morning Prayer

Aug 9

Pentecost 10- Morning Prayer

Aug 16

Pentecost 11- Morning Prayer / Falling Asleep of Mary

Aug 23

Pentecost 12- Morning Prayer

Aug 30

Pentecost 13- Morning Prayer

Trinity Episcopal Church

555 Palisades Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

Worship Service every Sunday at 10:30am *
Mark Your Calendar

*In-person services are currently suspended pending resolution of the covid-19 pandemic. However, you can attand a live video stream of every service, or view videos from past services, by clicking HERE Sundays at 10:30am.

Trinity Church welcomes all through its "Big Red Doors" with Tibetan prayer flags flying in the wind. It would be hard to find a more diverse group of believers, used-to-be believers, and sort-of believers. Many of us were born into other religions and denominations, and have found ourselves to be part of the inclusiveness of God's love.
this is the season of Ordinary Time

Most of the Seasons of the Christian Church Year are organized around the two major festivals that mark sacred time: Christmas and Easter. The rest of the year following Epiphany and Pentecost is known as Ordinary Time. Rather than meaning "common"or "mundane," this term comes from the word "ordinal," which simply means counted time (First Sunday after Pentecost, etc.), which is probably a better way to think of this time of the year. Counted time after Pentecost always begins with Trinity Sunday (the first Sunday after Pentecost) and ends with Christ the King Sunday or the Reign of Christ the King (last Sunday before the beginning of Advent). The sanctuary color for Ordinary Time is green, although other shades of green are commonly used. Green has traditionally been associated with new life and growth. Even in Hebrew in the Old Testament, the same word for the color "green" also means "young." In Christian tradition, green came to symbolize the life of the church following Pentecost, as well as symbolizing the hope of new life in the resurrection.