About us

At Trinity Cliffside Park, we are a community dedicated to sharing love, hope, and faith in a world that needs connection more than ever. Our organization is a home for anyone seeking spiritual growth, personal development, and a supportive community.

Our heart beats for service, and we aim to make a positive impact on our local community and beyond. We believe that everyone has unique gifts and talents, and we encourage our members to use them to help and inspire others. Through our diverse programs and activities, we offer opportunities for people of all ages to connect, learn, and grow.

At Trinity Cliffside Park, we understand that spirituality is a personal journey, and we respect the individual paths of each person. Our gatherings are times for reflection, celebration, and connection, where we honor the wisdom of ancient traditions while also being open to new insights and ideas.

Our doors are open to anyone looking for a place where they can be themselves, ask questions, and be part of a caring community. Whether you are seeking a place for spiritual deepening, want to volunteer, or need support, you will find a warm welcome with us.

We take pride in the strong relationships we have built within our community, and we are committed to continuing this work. Together, we are building a future where everyone feels valued and inspired to bring out the best in themselves and each other.

Thank you for your interest in Trinity Cliffside Park. We hope you take the time to visit us in person and become part of our thriving community.